Central Coast full & partial dentures, relines & mouthguards


At Central Coast Denture Clinic, we are dedicated to providing the most suitable dental prosthetic solution for our patients.

We offer comprehensive denture services from full and partial denture fabrication to relines and repairs. Our dental technicians also create and fit custom mouthguards for adults and children.

We accept patients without referral, so contact us today to book an appointment. We have a clinic in Erina and The Entrance for your convenience. All consultations are DVA and health fund approved.

Full Denture — Dentures & mouthguards in Erina, NSW

Full Dentures

Full dentures are made to replace a full row of teeth, whether upper, lower or both. Teeth are not only necessary for eating, they help us to speak and smile and support the facial muscles around the mouth.
At Central Coast Denture Clinic our full dentures are precision made from acrylic and shaped to fit your mouth.

The benefits of our full dentures include:
  • Natural-looking teeth
  • Exact duplication of gum profile & colour
  • Long-lasting dentures made of durable material
  • Comfortable fit
Contact us for more information. We have a clinic in Erina and The Entrance.

Partial Denture — Dentures & mouthguards in Erina, NSW

Partial Dentures

If you have lost one or more teeth, you may require partial dentures. Partial dentures are usually fitted by a clasp to your remaining teeth and gums. All our partial prosthetics are made of quality materials—whether you choose chrome, acrylic or metal—and made to exacting standards.

Our technicians will work with your dentist to help maximise the longevity of your natural teeth to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Our partial dentures:
  • Prevent additional damage to existing teeth
  • Stop existing teeth from becoming crooked
  • Can be easily removed and replaced
  • Are ideal for patients who have natural teeth

Relines and Repairs — Dentures & mouthguards in Erina, NSW

Relines & Repairs

If your dentures have become uncomfortable lately, it could be time to get them relined. Denture relining is a simple procedure to reshape the underside to make it more comfortable against your gums.

Our dental prosthetists offer soft and hard relines depending on your requirements. A soft reline involves the application of a liquid polymer to add depth and cushioning. A hard reline may be necessary if your denture is cracked and is more cost-effective than replacing your denture.

We provide denture repairs for all types of damage and can advise you of the best course of action at your consultation.

Custom Mouthguard — Dentures & mouthguards in Erina, NSW

Custom Mouthguards

According to the Australian Dental Association, a third of dental injuries are sports related. A custom mouthguard is essential for participants in contact sports to prevent teeth, lips and gums from damage.

At Central Coast Denture Clinic, we take an impression of your teeth and gums before fabricating your mouthguard. This ensures you get a secure fit. Because custom sports mouthguards are made from a mould of your mouth, they offer better protection and comfort than over the counter options.

Custom Mouthguard — Dentures & mouthguards in Erina, NSW

Implant Retained Dentures

At Central Coast Denture Clinic, we provide full upper and lower implant retained dentures.

As a popular alternative to traditional dentures, our dental prosthetists provide a secure and visually-pleasing solution to missing teeth—or teeth that need to be extracted. Having implant retained dentures fitted can improve:
  • Speaking ability
  • Eating
  • Bone structure

Make your smile beautiful and healthy again thanks to our dental prosthetists at Central Coast Denture Clinic.